Wilderness Excursions and Wilderness Services for Independent Travellers, Including Overland Transport in the Kilpisjärvi and Enontekiö Region

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Group trips and group services for self-employed hikers - including cross-country transport in Kilpisjärvi and the Enontekiö area

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Group trips and group services for self-employed hikers - including cross-country transport in Kilpisjärvi and the Enontekiö area

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Arctica Artista organises wildrness excursions and offers responsible wilderness safety packages in the Enontekiö region  Our diverse range of services includes car transfers and overland transport.


We serve our customers by arranging snowmobile safaris, hunting trips, fishing trips, and 

photo chartersin the area of Enontekiö. On our hunting trips explorers can hunt grouse, and our fishing trips provide an opportunity to catch salmon, trout, pike, perch, white fish, Arctic char, and graylings. We serve independent explorers and fishers by providing overland transport. We also transport canoes and other equipment to starting points. In addition, we transport cars and rent out equipment.

Snowscooter Safaris

Moottorikelkkasafarimme vaihtelevat muutaman tunnin retkistä usean päivän safareihin. Teemme safareita sekä valmiilla kelkkailureiteillä että niiden ulkopuolella. Our snowscooter safaris range from trips of a few hours to several days, and we cover both well-worn trails as well as the trails less travelled.


Halti is one of our most popular spots, and it can be reached with your own snowscooter in the company of a local guide. From us, you can acquire an experience tour guide able to navigate even in terrible weather conditions when needed.


Day trips and longer excursions are possible in the Enontekiö region. Portable cabins provide accommodation, and the guide will take care of foood if necessary, as well as ensuring the safety and success of the journey.

From Kilpisjärvi, it is possibel to get to the Arctic Sea along breathtaking snowscooter routes, and our guides can take you sand your group there on a trip lasting 6 hours. Day trips to the wilds of Pöyrisjärvi and the area around Heta generally last 2-6 hours. You can join the trip with your own snowscooter, on a trailer, or by hiring one of our snowscooters. We also take disabled people into account, and we are able to transport larger groups too.

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Hunting Trips

Grouse has always been a valued bird in Enontekiö as in ancient times it provided people with important extra nutrition. The grouse hunt with a seasoned guide and trained dog is an unforgetable experience. We employ German Wirehaired Pointers as our hunting hounds.

We organise hunting trips in a ready-made package encompassing a guide, accommodation, catering, and equipment if necessary. One guide and one dog can lead 2-3 hunters on a trip depending on experience levels. A weapons licence, hunting card, and small game permit from the Metsähallitus (Forest Stewardship Council) should be obtained by the hunters themselves in advance.


Grouse season is at its peak in the Enontekiö fell area from the end of September right up until the end of March, weather permitting. Grouse season begins on 10 September and ends on 31 March.


Our accommodations are located within prime spots for grouse hunting, and no previous hunting experience is required as long as all permits and licences are in order: we will give you guidance and experience.


We will be glad to advise you on choosing the right hunting spot and in acquiring permits. We also hunt in Norway and Sweden.

Fishing Trips

We arrange fishing triips to Enontekiö's unique fishing spots where large graylings and other wild fish await the fisherman's hook. No previous experience is needed, and you can come along with us as a complete beginner. We will furnish you will all the requisite equipment for fishing in the wilderness.  You will also have an experienced guide who will impart to you the knowledge and skills you need.


Our fishing trips provide ample opportunity to fish for Arctic char, large grayling, whitefish, trout, salmon, bass, and pike among others, depending on fishing spot.


Overland Transport and Car & Canoe Transportation

We serve independent travellers and fishing enthusiasts by offering overland transport in the whole of the Enontekiö region in accordance with regulations for overland transit. Our area of operations covers the following areas among others: Kalkkuoivi, Lätäseno, Toriseno, Pöyrisjärvi and Kalmankaltio. We drive on extant overland trails. In summer, transport is by way of off-road vehicles and all-terrain vehicles. Winter transport is carried out with snowscooters and sleighs.

Examples of overland transport routes in summer include:

  • Vuosku-Kalkkuoivi
  • Lätäseno, Toriseno, Rommaeno
  • Näkkälä-Pöyrisjärvi.


Departures also from Kalmankaltio and Vuontisjärvi.


You can ask us for more information regarding your trip into the wild: we would love to share our knowledge with you and give you the advice you need. Are for going for a hike to Halti, for example?


Our services also include car transfers. For those canoeing from Lätäseno vi Kilpisjärvi, we can arrange car transfers between Kilpisjärvi and Markkina. We can also transfer your car  from Guolasjärvi back to Kilpisjärvi or Markkina. Ask us more!


If needed, we can also transfer your canoes and other equipment to your departure point.


Please also feel free to inquire about canoe and dinghy rental, as well as hiring any other equipment you might need. How does hiring a raft in enontekiö sound? Get in touch!

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