Year-Round Photo Charters in the Kirpisjärvi and Enontekiö Area

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Arctica Artista offers photo charters at different times of the year, ranging from one day to five days.


During the trip, there is ample opportunity to take snapshots of all the life and landscapes the tundra and wilds have to offer. Our guides will take you to locations perfect for just this.

Take Photos of Natural Wonders

our area of Lapland might not have many theatres or concert halls, but our natural surroundings are one-of-a-kind with endless opportunities for intrepid photographers to take incredible snapshots.


A diverse range of flora and fauna, untouched wilderness, and the harsh beauty of the fells offer many experiences for wanderers. The fells are a sight to behold no matter what time of year, rain or shine, and with a camera you can hang on to the magic forever.


With the help of one of our experienced guides, you can be sure of safety and security whilst out in the tundra, but please remember to prepare yourself properly in advance. Good planning makes for an unforgettable trip!

Get Acquainted with Wilderness Safety

1-5 Day-Long Photo Charters

We organise photography excursions into the landscapes surrounding Enontekiö. Trips last between 1 and 5 days and are available all year long.


During the trip, you will get to photograph a diverse range of landscapes, such as the fells and the views from the peaks, flowing rivers, or forests and all the life they contain. In winter, you can also come along to take photos of the northern lights.


During the trip, we will stop at campsites and enjoy refreshments. On longer journeys, we will camp out under the stars or in one of our two log cabins. 


Should you need more information about the area as a traveller or photographer, do get in touch! We will strive to help and answer your questions.


Valokuvausretken sisältö What's Included in My Photo Charter?

Every trip is led by one of our guides who all have intimate knowledge of the area. The trip also includes transport to the starting point, drinks, snacks, and accommodation on longer trips.


We expect you to bring along your camera and weather-appropriate clothing, as well as a change of clothes if needed. You can get more information on your trip by getting touch with us.

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