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Arctica Artista offers wilderness excursions and other services in the Kilpisjärvi and Enontekiö region of Finnish Lapland. We also have two high-class lodges for hire in Kilpisjärvi's Salmivaara and Kelottojärvi.


Get in touch and ask us more about what we offer. You can send us a message with the contact form below, or call us direct on one of the numbers listed on this page. We respond to all messages as soon as possible.

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Kari Anunti is the head of Arctica Artista's operations. He is a Sámi who spent his childhood years in Pöyrisjärvi and the Enontekiö region of Finnish Lapland. Following in the footsteps of his father Risto Anunti (one of the eldest and most experienced of travel guides in the area who began his activities in the tundra during the presidency of Urho Kekkonen when he worked for the border guard), Kari has spent a career of over 30 years in nature travel and safety.


Kari also worked for the border patrol from 1991-2000, for the police from 2000-2014, and as head of safety for an international company since 2016. He has completed numerous courses in corporate safety and security, the most recent of which was a diploma in Safety and Security Management from Aalto University. His area of special expertise is safety in the Arctic wilderness.


He has worked as a year-round wilderness guide and event organiser in the Kilpisjärvi region since 1991, and enjoys nature photography.

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