Wilderness Excursions and responsible Game and Fishery Services in Kilpisjärvi and the Enontekiö Region

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The keys to successful field trips in Kilpisjärvi and the entire Enontekiö area

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The keys to successful field trips in Kilpisjärvi and the entire Enontekiö area

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Arctica Artista has been organising wilderness excursions and offering year-round responsible game and fishery services in Kilpisjärvi and the Enontekiö region for over 40 years. Our guides know the area like the backs of their hands, and we can provide everything necessary for a successful trip. We serve independent trekkers, hikers, packraft-adventurers by arranging overland transportation, and automobile transfers. We transport hunters and fishers to various locations in the country, and stock outdoor essentials. Our intimate knowledge of the fells and tundra is available for all who require it.


Arctica Artista's range of services allows the intrepid explorer a genuine, original experience of Enontekiö's singular wilderness any day of the year.  We can boast Europe's cleanest air, expansive and treeless wilds, white snowfalls, and dancing auroras in winter, and the clearest fishing waters and sunlit nights in summer. In short, everything a nature lover could possibly want on holiday!


We arrange unforgettable, full-service outdoor holidays in the wilds of Lapland. For hunters and fishers, we provide overland transport as well as other wilderness services to guarantee a successful trip. 


We are a responsible, year-round partner for businesses, private individuals, and event organisers. A respect for nature and adherence to time-honoured ways of living, cherishing the natural world, and life in the wilds from aboriginal cultures are the bedrock of our activity, meaning our operations are genuine and secure.

Wilderness Excursions and Services for Independent Explorers

We offer snowmobile safaris, hunting trips, fishing trips, and photo charters in and around Enontekiö. Our snowmobile safaris range from a couple of hours to a couple of days, traversing both the beaten track and beyond. On our huntring tips, you can hunt willow grouse and on our fishing trips Arctic char, grayling, whitefish, trout, salmon, pike, perch, and herring depending on fishing spot.


Our range of services also includes river rafting in rubber boats, as well as guided hikes during summer and guided ski tours in winter.


We also offer overland transport to individual trekkers and fishers, and we even transport canoes and other requisites to your starting point.


For Packraft adventurers, we offer the overland transport needed from e.g. Guolasjärvi to Markkina. Beginner hikers and adventurers can rely on our checks and tracking if necessary. Please feel free to ask us more!


We also offer portable cabins during winter for an additional charge, allowing you to stay overnight whilst enjoying the warmth in a tundra night.

Photo Charters to the Heart of Lapland

We arrange photo charters across the whole of the Eneontekiö region and lasting from 1 to 5 days. On our photo charters, explorers have abundant opportunities to photograph all Lapland's tundra has to offer with either their own camera or mobile phone. Winter also offers ample chances for taking snapshots of the northern lights. Our wilderness guides will show the way to the best spots.


As well as an experienced guide, the trip includes snacks, drinks, and lodgings if required. This can also be arranged in the wild. Read more about our phot charters and don't hesitate to get in touch! We would love to tell you more.

Photo Charters

Accommodation in Top-of-the-Line Lodges

We have two lodges available to rent. One is located in Kilpisjärvi's Salmivaara, the other in Kelottojärvi. Both well-furnished lodges are perfect for summer or winter stays.


Built in 2004, our high-class Kilpisjärvi lodge grants spectacular views of the surrounding landscapes, and is located within walking distances from necessary services. Our log cabin in Kelottojärvi was completed in 2011, and it is located within a stone's throw from the Swedish border and near grouse territory.

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A Safe Arctic Wilderness

Team Arctica Artista is a collective of professionals with long experience who can help you with safety matters all year round. Should you so wish, we can help you in arranging an excursion, safety planning, and risk assessment and control. We will make a rescue plan for your event for when response times are long, terrain challenging, or when conditions change at the drop of a hat. We organise necessary support, maintenaince, and other transportation as well as ensuring your event, excursion, or other transportation in the wilderness goes smoothly. Planning and equipment services can be arranged to order. Ask us more!

Take a Look at Safety in the Wilds